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Carpet Tiles. A cost effective flooring solution for business and home.  

Modern design.

Caerphilly Carpet & Flooring offers a wide range of cost effective, hardwearing, durable and versatile carpet tiles that are a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, office spaces and other large commercial floor spaces.  

Available from leading manufacturers in a wide range of stylish colours and patterns to give your interior a (mainly) modern appearance, these products were created with the demands of the commercial market in mind.

CARPET TILES 1_560x560px_RGB_300dpi.jpg
CARPET TILES 2_560x560px_RGB_300dpi.jpg
CARPET TILES 3_560x560px_RGB_300dpi.jpg
CARPET TILES 4_560x560px_RGB_300dpi.jpg

Flexible flooring.

The nature of the carpet tiles means calculating floor space is much easier, meaning less waste or over-purchasing. Additionally, there's no need to empty a room of furniture before fitting, meaning minimum disruption to the home or workplace. 


Carpet Tiles are engineered to offer excellent resistance to high traffic, soiling and staining. If a tile gets damaged beyond cleaning, it can be easily lifted and replaced with a new one. Contact Caerphilly Carpet & Flooring and see if Carpet Tiles are the right solution for you.

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